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Profession headshot of Emily RomneyEmily Romney is a professional singer with over thirty years successful experience as a studio voice teacher of professional and amateur adult singers. Ms. Romney has a background in choral conducting and choral singing, and extensive professional experience as a soloist and vocal chamber music performer. While on the faculty of the Longy School of Music of Bard College, she taught studio voice and developed an undergraduate and master’s degree curriculum for conservatory students, put together a music program for high school singers, initiated and created the conservatory level vocal pedagogy course "The Living Instrument and How It Works", and coordinated a vocal chamber music program.

She currently maintains a private voice studio in Cambridge, MA. and is on the faculty of the Powers Music School in Belmont, MA.

“The voice studio should be a comfortable place where enthusiasm and ongoing good work can mix with risk-taking, humor, and musical exploration.  I encourage my students to develop a musical life beyond the studio and to pursue performance opportunities.”

All Lessons Online During COVID-19

Singers have been especially hard hit by Covid 19. We’re all forced to keep our breathing to ourselves until the pandemic is past.

But There’s No Reason to Stop Singing.

VOICE LESSONS ONLINE help you stay in shape vocally during the pandemic. You can maintain & develop your vocal skills safely and learn rep with your online musical mentor to help you progress and cheer you on. Keep in shape now and when the veil is lifted, you’ll be ready to go!

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Read on to find out what good things were happening before the pandemic. It’s all possible in the future.


to everyone who has taken lessons and has practiced, and to those who have sung solos, given concerts, and performed in ensembles, opera, musical theatre productions, shows, concerts, recitals and choirs. Current and former students have been singing in the Back Bay Chorale, St Paul’s Adult Choir, Cantilena, Masterworks Chorale, Chorus Pro Musica, and Cambridge Community Chorus.


asterisk doodadasterisk doodad to Melody Chapin who completed her Master’s degree at Tufts University last June and is now pursuing a Ph. D. in Ethnomusicology at Brown University with a particular focus on Brazilian Art Song. You can watch Melody in concert on Youtube at the Barcelona International Festival of Song in the summer of 2014.

asterisk doodadasterisk doodad to former Harvard voice student Olivia Lucas who is now Assistant Professor of Music Theory at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

asterisk doodadasterisk doodad to former Harvard voice student Katharine Dain, whose burgeoning opera and recital career in Europe now includes singing in the vocal quartet Damask Ensemble. You can find more at: & Damask

asterisk doodadasterisk doodad to former student Jenni Grout who won third place in "Arabs got Talent”. First western performer to enter the competition. (You can see and hear Jenni on Facebook.)


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Workshops at the Powers School:

  • Singing in Two’s. April 2018
  • Sight Singing for Singers. April, 2018; May, 2019; & Nov. 2019


  • “Hidden Treasures: 19th c. Vocal Chamber Music in Germany,”
    Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Leipzig, Germany, June 15, 2019.

Participant: Vocal Pedagogy Online Teaching Technology,

  • New England Conservatory of Music, August, 2020

Attending events sponsored by the National Association of Teachers of Singing including:

Attending the International Congress of Voice Teachers, conference in Stockholm, Sweden, August 2017 — “The Future of Singing: Tradition & Science in Harmony.” Highlights: 

  • Masterclasses by Janice Chapman, Håkan Hagegård, et al.
  • Meeting with colleagues and musical experts in the classical musical world from around the world. 
  • New research information on resonance and vowel formants.

Workshop Presentation on Vocal Chamber Music for the International Congress of Voice Teachers: Brisbane, Australia in 2013.
Click here for a PDF version of the Presentation (8MB file size)

Participating in online Eric Franklin Method exercise classes . Helpful approach to improving body alignment, excellent presentations.

International Congress of Voice Teachers Convention, (ICVT) Stockholm Sweden, August 2-7, 2017.

Vocal Chamber Music Activities: Studio VCM Coaching for individual performance events.

Mid-Winter Opera & Musical Theatre Workshop in NYC, January 2014.

Vocal Chamber Music Course (fourth year): June-July, 2013 (See notice below of VCM summer, 2014 at New School of Music) ;
Click here for a PDF version of the Presentation (8MB file size)

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