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Profession headshot of Emily RomneyEmily Romney is a professional singer with over thirty years successful experience as a studio voice teacher of professional and amateur adult singers. Ms. Romney has a background in choral conducting and choral singing, and extensive professional experience as a soloist and vocal chamber music performer. While on the faculty of the Longy School of Music of Bard College, she taught studio voice and developed an undergraduate and master’s degree curriculum for conservatory students, put together a music program for high school singers, initiated and created the conservatory level vocal pedagogy courseĀ "The Living Instrument and How It Works", and coordinated a vocal chamber music program.

She currently maintains a private voice studio in Cambridge, MA. and is on the faculty of the Powers Music School in Belmont, MA.

“The voice studio should be a comfortable place where enthusiasm and ongoing good work can mix with risk-taking, humor, and musical exploration.  I encourage my students to develop a musical life beyond the studio and to pursue performance opportunities.”

Studio Voice Teaching

Lessons & Coaching in:

  • Technical & Musical Development
  • Performance Preparation
  • Musicianship for Singers

Voice Studio at 15 Howland Street, Cambridge, Mass.
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A Greeting to Prospective Students

  • Whatever your particular goals and your level of experience, voice lessons should help you as a singer to develop your vocal and musical potential.
  • By learning a healthy vocal technique, I want you to experience greater vocal freedom and control, and realize more of your voice's expressive potential.
  • I am also interested to help you to enjoy whatever singing you do and to develop a sense of yourself as a singer and performer.
  • In my teaching, I use a variety of specific vocal exercises, movements to release tension, basic explanations of how the voice works as an instrument, and a wide range of song, musical theatre and operatic repertoire.
  • Technically we will work along good functional principles to develop a free and poised body alignment, energized balanced breathing, resonant production of sound throughout the whole range, and clear unforced singer's diction.
  • Musicianship training and artistry come into play at all levels of skill and experience.
  • I enjoy teaching people who have some previous musical background but who as singers, may be at very different levels of technical skill and experience - from beginners to professionals.
  • In over thirty years of teaching adult, college age and high school singers, many of my students have won contests, auditions and competitions, have gone on to further advanced professional training, and careers in the wider musical world. Many others have studied primarily for their own pleasure and enrichment. It's an adventure either way!

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